SwitchClimber is an interactive website that teaches switch users to access the computer through small sequential steps and data-based feedback.

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About SwitchClimber

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SwitchClimber.com is full of activities to teach switch users skills like cause-effect, using two switches together, and two switch step scanning.

The activities are set up hierarchically, starting with cause-effect and working up to two switch step scanning.

Data is taken automatically and switch users are advanced to subsequent levels based on criteria set by their teams.

Switch users can access their accounts from multiple locations, working on the same goals across settings e.g., home, school, or therapy.

The activities on SwitchClimber.com are appropriate for:

all ages (see more here)

individuals who have difficulty using a standard keyboard or mouse

individuals working on two switch step scanning

two switch step scanners who need activities to do on the computer

individuals who need activities that address basic problem-solving even though they do not need to master two switch step scanning (see more here)


Members receive full access to all activities for only $14.95/month, with discounts for multiple users and extended contracts. See pricing chart for details.

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Check out these videos to see levels 1-5 in action!

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